LFC model: Fanless

LFC-N cooling tower takes advantage of the water pressure of circulation pump forming the water screen with special ejection pipe nozzles. The pressure differential inside and outside the tower is generated by the flowing speed of water screen, thus causing the inhale of ambient cold air into the tower. The effectiveness of cooling down the water is achieved through the precise diffusers that can regulate the ambient air sucked in through the filling. Hence, the circulation water is fully in contact with the ambient air during water ejection and falling processes, resulting in rejected heat.

The ambient air of fanless cooling tower naturally enters the cooling tower due to the pressure differential caused by ejection water screen, thus there are no mechanical fan drive and transmission equipment. This breakthrough, creative, and revolutionary design can, once and for all, eliminate the problems of mechanical noises, vibration, and maintenance brought by fanned cooling towers. This is the best choice for the pursuits of safety, efficiency, and environmental concerns.