Installation and Repair Services

Ice plants incorporate the same basic refrigeration cycle used in refrigerators. These have the same basic components, namely, compressor, condenser, evaporator and auxiliary controls and instrumentation equipment. The evaporator is submerged in a tank filled with brine. The water, which is contained in cans immersed in bin, is frozen. A regular schedule of pulling ice cans is maintained, in order to transfer the ice to a storage area.

Insulation covers are fitted to the insulated cabinet that houses the brine tank. Liang Chi offers installation and dismantling services to ensure that newly bought ice can covers are not damaged due to improper handling during delivery and installation.

In addition, Liang Chi also provides repair services for damaged ice can covers, whether made by Liang Chi or made by other suppliers. The service team craftily works on the ice can covers to put them back to their original condition, and serve their function.

Our research and development team underwent extensive research that took a number of years to come up with the design for suitable material of construction. From woods, to styrofoam polystyrene materials, the research and development team came up with a special material that is suited to provide efficient insulation.