LBC model: Bottle type, counter flow

LBC series is a circular counter flow cooling tower which adopts a highly efficient rotating sprinkler head system to induce self-rotation in distributing hot water across the fillings. The Fiberglass-Reinforced Polyester (F.R.P.) casing is circular shaped, thus eliminating special positioning requirements and is not affected by prevailing wind directions. It further allows quick and easy installation due to light-weight and compactness. LBC is the most conventional, economical, and practical cooling towers with sizes ranging from 3 1000 tons. The LBC standard series is suitable for general HVAC applications and various manufacturing process cooling.

LBC-LN (Low Noise) type features an upper fan stack and splash mat for running at lower fan speed based on the feature of fan blade. LBC-LN series has lower noise level than the standard LBC model by 7 to 10 dB.